Horizon CDT Blog Posts

“Sound wrangler” for Oxjam 2022

post by Feng Zhou (2017 cohort) Oxjam is an annual music festival, organised by people who know and love their local music scene. Oxjam raises donations for Oxfarm, which was […]

My summer school experience: Inquiry through making and playing with objects, spaces and situations

post by Daniel Swann (2021 cohort) In early June 2022, I attended a PhD summer school entitled ‘Inquiry through making and playing with objects, spaces and situations.’ The summer school […]

Robot dancer interacting with children – Feng’s internship

post by Feng Zhou (2017 cohort) The robot dancer was one of four exhibits of “Thingamabobas,” a playful, sensory experience where participants meet and interact with a circus troupe of […]

Paper reflection – Articulating Soma Experiences using Trajectories

post by Feng Zhou (2017 cohort) Somaesthetics combines the term ‘soma’ with ‘aesthetics’. The concept of ‘soma’ is predicated on the interconnectedness of mind, body, emotion and social engagement, considering […]

Paper Accepted in the Machine Learning, Optimization and Data Science Conference

post by Jimiama Mafeni Mase (2018 cohort) EFI: A Toolbox for Feature Importance Fusion and Interpretation in Python Divish Rengasamy (a PhD candidate with the Institute for Aerospace Technology at […]