Horizon CDT Blog Posts

Human Aspects of Cyber-crime and Online Fraud Summer school

Post by Melanie Wilson (2018 Cohort) This summer school was presented by Canterbury University in collaboration with the Leicester Castle Business School of De Montfort University, Leicester. I attended on […]

Creativity Sandpit with Imperial, Cambridge, and Nottingham

This past May, 28 PhD students from three CDTs based at Imperial, Cambridge and Nottingham participated in a creativity sandpit. Post by Natalie Leesakul and Shazmin Majid (2018 Cohort) One […]

The Brilliant Club

Post by Stanislaw Piasecki (2018 cohort) Working as a Tutor for the Brilliant Club The Brilliant Club is an award-winning charity that collaborates with universities and schools in the UK. […]

UnBias Awareness Cards: Facilitator Booklet

The UnBias team are delighted to announce the launch of their new ‘Facilitator Booklet’, designed especially to help group leaders and others to deliver workshops using the UnBias Awareness Cards. […]

Second EPSRC Impact award for Richard!

Richard Ramchurn (2015 cohort) won the EPSRC “Telling Tales of Engagement” 2018 Award. This is the second year running that Richard has secured this award which will give up to […]