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Prototyping voice user interfaces

The recent growth in popularity of Voice User Interfaces (VUIs), from smartphone assistants (e.g. Siri) through to smart speakers (e.g. Amazon Echo) has led to a recent resurgence of research […]

In the pandemic, cities are scrambling to expand cycling infrastructure: Big Data can help

post by Gregor Engelmann (2014 cohort) and Maria Catalina Ochoa The coronavirus (COVID-19) and lockdown measures have created immense challenges for urban transport. But they also provide an opportunity for […]

Engaging children with STEM

post by Neeshé Khan (2018 cohort) Last year I decided to partake in a program that engages primary school children from disadvantaged backgrounds to engage with students from the local […]

Just write it!

Reflection on my first paper writing experience post by Natalie Leesakul (2018 cohort) Citation: Urquhart, L., Reedman-Flint, D. and Leesakul, N. (2019), “Responsible domestic robotics: exploring ethical implications of robots […]

Supporting discoverability in voice interfaces

Discoverability is the ability for users to find and execute features through a user interface1, and is also often considered an aspect of learnability2. It’s also a common problem many […]