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A Weekend of Rail Hacking!

Post by Christian Tamakloe (2016 Cohort) Hackathons are endurance events that bring a host of parties involved in software development together with subject-matter experts in a field to work together […]

Our Key Findings!

For the past two years our UnBias project has been exploring issues around ‘unfairness’ in algorithmic systems. Our research work has identified the existence of concerns across different societal and […]

From Nottingham to the shores of Lake Victoria — Gregor Engelmann

The best ideas often don’t emerge from a single person – they are often the result of collaborative innovation. Hackathons bring together like-minded people who bring together different skills, tools, […]

UnBias participation in multi-stakeholder debates on Internet Governance and AI Ethics

With Paris playing host to the Paris Peace Forum from 11 to 13 November, the GovTech summit on November 12th, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF2018) from 12 to 14 November, […]

Workshop on Algorithmic awareness building for User Trust in online platforms

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the UK England chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-UK England), UnBias will run a workshop on: Algorithmic awareness building for User Trust in […]