Horizon CDT Impact Grants

The EPSRC Horizon CDT is funding impact grants for the Creating Our Lives in Data CDT students to undertake impact activities alongside their PhD research. The fund aims to accelerate impact and further engagement with these projects.

Below are the details of the impact activities and the students who were successful in securing the grants.

Angela Thornton (2019 cohort)Afterlives - Future World of Mind Uploading


The Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training invested in ten responsive impact grants for Horizon CDT students and DTC alumni in order to extend the potential impact of their research.

These awards were designed to support the first investigative steps of taking EPSRC-funded research carried out in the CDT and associated research groups towards commercialisation, or other forms of economic, societal, environmental and policy-based impact. The sub-projects were funded from EPSRC grant reference EP/G037574/1, Ubiquitous Computing for a Digital Economy, and the associated activities ran from August 2017 through to March 2018.

Details of the sub-projects and the individuals who were successful in securing the grants are listed below. The Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute also released a news item on six of these grants here.

Dr Chris Carter (2010 cohort - alumnus)Examining the big data produced through student use of the Ingenuity Online platform
Dr Dimitri Darzentas (2012 cohort)Creating a content creation, presentation and sharing platform using adaptable Photogrammetry 3D scanning technology to create 3D models of physical objects
George Filip (2013 cohort)Trust and calibration of trust in Connected and Automated Vehicles
Dr Adrian Hazzard (2010 cohort - alumnus)Dynamic musical listening experiences that respond to spatial exploration
Dr Panagiotis Koutsouras (2013 cohort)Investigating the digital economies that emerge from video game contexts.
Roma Patel
(2013 cohort)
How the convergence between theatre for early years and digital technologies can make performances more multi-sensory, playful, participatory and interactive.
Dr Martin Porcheron (2013 cohort)Development of Amazon Echo usage in the home audio data for use as an open dataset online.
Richard Ramchurn (2015 cohort)How people can interact with a brain-controlled film both actively and passively using their mind.
Dr Mercedes Torres Torres (2010 cohort - alumna)Pain assessment in newborns using new data collection techniques.
Hanne Wagner (2013 cohort)Engagement through play: Investigating the relationship between video games and political engagement