Impact and knowledge exchange projects

Horizon CDT students from across various cohorts have been successful in securing over £100,000 of additional funding to work on projects that accelerate the impact, further develop their doctoral research, provide knowledge exchange, facilitate industry engagement and explore potential commercialisation opportunities.


Funding has been secured from the following internal and external sources:

External funding:

  • EPSRC Digital Economy Telling Tales of Engagement Call 2016: Richard Ramchurn (2015 cohort) – £10,000 awarded from EPSRC in March 2017 to take to take interactive brain-controlled film work on tour across the country.
  • SIGCHI Student Travel Grant 2016: In November 2016, Martin Porcheron of 2013 cohort was awarded a $1,500 SIGCHI Student Travel Grant to a co-lead the ‘Talking with Conversational Agents in Collaborative Action‘ workshop at the international CSCW 2017 Conference in Oregon, USA in February/March 2017.
  • University of Nottingham Postgraduate Ingenuity Prize 2015: Dr Horia Maior (2012 cohort) and Pepita Stringer (2014 cohort) – As finalists of the competition, secured entrepreneurial funding from Santander bank (£1000) and CityCare Nottingham (£5000) in August 2015 for their innovative health app idea (total funding £6,000).
  • EPSRC Balance Network: Yitong Huang (2014) successfully bid for £1000 of Balance Network funding to deliver a half-day Smart Objects and Healthier Workplace Behaviours well-being workshop for relevant stakeholders in October 2016.

Internal Funding from the University of Nottingham:

Horizon CDT impact grant recipients (internal CDT funding):

The Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training has invested in nine responsive internal impact grants (from EPSRC grant reference EP/G037574/1) for current Horizon CDT students and Horizon CDT alumni to extend the potential impact of their research. The awards are designed to support the first investigative steps of taking EPSRC-funded research towards commercialisation or on to other forms of economic, societal, environmental and policy-based impact. These projects will be completed by 31 March 2018.  You can find out more about these projects here.