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Whole Brain Emulation (WBE) and the Creation of a Substrate Independent Mind (SIM)

Angela Thornton (2019 cohort), who is partnered with Carboncopies Foundation,  had the opportunity to give a presentation at the Foundation’s Journal Club this past weekend. Angela talked about her doctoral […]

Call for Participants: Mental workload in daily life

Fourth-year Horizon CDT PhD student Serena Midha is recruiting participants to take part in a research study. Serena is researching mental workload from a daily life perspective. Serena and her […]

Presenting at Carboncopies Foundation Journal Club

post by Angela Thornton (2019 cohort) On 31st January 2021 I will be making my inaugural presentation at the Carboncopies Foundation Journal Club. This club typically meets once a month […]

Call for Children & Young People participants

Horizon CDT PhD student Mel Wilson (2018 cohort) has recently launched an online survey to look at Children & Young People’s (CYP) contact with family, friends and social networks during […]

Attitudes and Experiences with Loan Applications – Participants needed

post by Ana Rita Pena (2019 cohort) My PhD is investigating how technologies to protect individual’s privacy in automated decision for loan applications impact people. Within the scope of this […]