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Neurodiversity Challenges

post by Jenn Layton Annable (2020 cohort) Working as an autistic autism researcher can sometimes be a lonely and distressing experience. Daily contact with academic literature that consolidates pathologising or […]

Attending the 20th Annual Qualitative Research Summer Intensive  

post by Jenn Layton Annable (2020 cohort) As an autistic PhD student, the benefits and opportunities gained at Postgraduate Summer Schools are of course the same for me as everyone […]

Pilot Workshop on Internet Memes

post by Giovanni Schiazza https://cdt-students.wp.horizon.ac.uk/2023/07/12/pilot-workshop-on-internet-memes/

An enrichment event with care-experienced young people

post by Cecily Pepper (2019 cohort) My research surrounds the exploration of how social media can impact the mental wellbeing of care-experienced young people. In June 2023, I ran an […]

Participatory methods for digital inclusion

post by Oliver Miles (2018 cohort) Reflections on values orientated ideation as an outreach activity I previously reflected on my research internship with digital accessibility and mobility start-up ‘CityMaaS’, focussing […]