Horizon CDT Blog Posts

Reflecting on my Journal Paper Submission

post by Matthew Yates (2018 cohort) On 16th June 2022, my paper “Evaluation of synthetic aerial imagery using unconditional generative adversarial network” was accepted into the following August edition of […]

Outreach in the time of Covid

post by Luke Skarth-Hayley (2018 cohort)   It’s tough to do outreach during a pandemic. What can you do to help communities or communicate your research to the public when it’s […]

My Internship at Capital One

written by Ana Rita Pena (2019 cohort) Interning at Capital One Between May and October 2021 I held a part-time internship with my Industry Partner, Capital One. Capital One is […]

A lesson in remote work and open-source success: exploring emotion classification with farmers at CIMMYT

post by Eliot Jones-Garcia (2019 cohort) My journey with CIMMYT, the international maize and wheat improvement centre, began shortly before enrolling with the Horizon CDT. In February of 2019, after […]

Three Actually Isn’t a Crowd: Reflections on my Internship with the UKRI TAS Hub

post by Cecily Pepper (2019 cohort) About the Internship In December 2021, I began an internship with the UKRI TAS (Trustworthy Autonomous Systems) Hub on two projects: TAS for Health […]