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Research Update Summer/Autumn 2019

We are already in week 4 of the semester, and I’ve been planning to write (what was originally planned to be) a quick update on some recent developments on my […]

Mel travels to Sweden for CRITIS2019

Mel Wilson  (2018 cohort) has recently returned from the CRITIS 2019 conference in Linkoping, Sweden where she successfully submitted the paper titled  Exploring How Component Factors and Their Uncertainty Affect […]

Digital Places and Virtual Identities

Post by Luke Skarth-Hayley (2018 Cohort) From the Digital Space, Place and Identity Workshop What is an academic workshop? As someone coming from ten years in industry I was not […]

Human Aspects of Cyber-crime and Online Fraud Summer school

Post by Melanie Wilson (2018 Cohort) This summer school was presented by Canterbury University in collaboration with the Leicester Castle Business School of De Montfort University, Leicester. I attended on […]

Creativity Sandpit with Imperial, Cambridge, and Nottingham

This past May, 28 PhD students from three CDTs based at Imperial, Cambridge and Nottingham participated in a creativity sandpit. Post by Natalie Leesakul and Shazmin Majid (2018 Cohort) One […]