Horizon CDT Blog Posts

Teaching Python Programming at Nottingham Girls High School

Post by Jimiama Mafeni Mase (2018 Cohort) I participated in the outreach activity of teaching python programming language to students of Nottingham Girls High School organised by a social enterprise […]

Andrew returns from AAAL conference in Atlanta

Post by Andrew Moffat (2015 Cohort) American Association of Applied Linguistics For people learning a second language, today’s hyper-connectivity has the potential to present new domains of engagement with and […]

Lunchtime Lecture at the ODI: Using data to support citizen-centric sustainable urban development in Tanzania

Post by Roza Vasileva (2016 Cohort) On January 26, 2019 I had an excellent opportunity to present my PhD research project. More specifically, I spoke about the findings emerging from […]

National Open Data Symposium in Oma

Post by Roza Vasileva (2016 Cohort) On October 1-3, 2018, I had the pleasure to participate in the first National Open Data Symposium in Omanas a speaker on principles and benefits […]

How to make a strong password

Post by Neeshé Khan (2018 Cohort) Making strong passwords which are memorable are easier than you think if you ignore everything that you’ve been told and start to think of […]