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Covid-19 and Cybercrime

Post by Neeshé Khan (2018 Cohort) After being in self isolation for what feels like an eternity like many others I am also starting to get warped for what time […]

Small visit to Big Dat – winter school conference in Ancona

Post by Vanja Ljevar (2017 Cohort) reflecting on her experience at BigDat2020 Big Dat was an international data science winter school that gathered many influential data scientists (currently working in […]

Getting it done with a voice interface

I wondered into examining the use and design of voice interfaces a few years ago during my PhD (see this paper or the summary blog post). The rapid mass marketisation […]

Returning from BigDat2020

post by Maddy Ellis (2016 cohort) reflecting on her experience at BigDat2020 BigDat 2020 6th International Winter School on BigDatDepartment of Information EngineeringMarche Polytechnic University Ancona, Italy – January 13-17, 2020 […]

Coronavirus, Social Isolation and Loneliness

Post by Dominic Reedman-Flint (2017 Cohort) As the Coronavirus moves into Pandemic status and more and more countries use ‘Lock Down’ techniques to mitigate the spread, we are going to […]