Coronavirus Discourses project – call for public involvement

Coronavirus Discourses project – call for public involvement

Coronavirus Discourses: linguistic evidence for effective public health messaging

Understanding the reception of public health messages is of key importance to the UK’s ability to manage the next phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

Human behaviour is shaped by the reception and production of discourse and by the reasoning about different sources of information. This project addresses key challenges that the coronavirus pandemic presents in relation to understanding the flow and impact of public health messages in public and private communications.

We are now looking to recruit individuals for a ‘Public Involvement Panel’ (PIP) to work with our research team to investigate the effectiveness of Coronavirus Public Health Messaging. Our research project needs volunteers from the general public who represent:

  • BAME communities
  • residents from England, Scotland and Wales

to get involved in making our research accessible and inclusive for the wider public. You will be reimbursed for your time.

If you are interested in getting involved please read through information about our PIP. It tells you what the research is about and what you can expect from participating in the PIP.

For more information please contact Pepita Barnard (CDT alumna / 2014 cohort).