Alan Turing Institute – PhD Student Presentations and Networking Day

Alan Turing Institute – PhD Student Presentations and Networking Day

The Alan Turing Institute is hosting a PhD Student Presentations and Networking Day in London today, 19th May 2023.

Via the ‘Turing Connections’ initiative, the event goals include:

  • Develop a more cohesive network of cross-organisational doctoral students
  • Improve student skills and practices by complementing student PhD programme activity
  • Provide opportunities for raising awareness of and connection to real-world challenges and applications

The event is geared at students doing research in data science or artificial intelligence.

First-year CDT PhD candidate Gift Odoh has been invited to present their research proposal:

This PhD research aims to enhance teleoperation, particularly in nuclear decommissioning, by utilizing adaptive robotic assistance and improved information interfaces. The focus is on considering mental workload demands and developing levels of robotic assistance and interfaces that respond to the operator’s workload. Previous studies have shown that autonomous teleoperation or robotics has not been widely used in nuclear applications due to the complex and safety-critical nature of the industry. However, there is an opportunity to address this challenge by incorporating robotic assistance to reduce cognitive and physical demands. The research aims to improve the teleoperation experience by reducing mental workload and task execution time through low levels of adaptive autonomy and improved information interfaces.

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