Excelling academically and athletically

Pleased for Serena Midha (2017 cohort) after receiving a Sports scholarship in Badminton at the University of Nottingham. Serena is in the third year of her PhD researching what it […]

Congratulations to Matt Voigts on passing viva!

Many congratulations to Matthew Voigts (2014 cohort) who passed their PhD viva on the 15th October with minor corrections! Matt’s PhD thesis entitled ‘Digital privacy and personal, social and civic agency: Refugees’ […]

Harriet’s internship with the Nottingham Contemporary

Harriet ‘Alfie’ Cameron (2018 cohort) has begun her internship with the Nottingham Contemporary this month. Harriet is working with the Nottingham Contemporary as part of their CAMPUS programme. CAMPUS was […]

Another successful Viva!

Congratulations to Anna Clarke (2013 cohort) on passing their PhD viva yesterday with minor corrections!   Anna’s PhD thesis is entitled ‘Supporting pro-amateur composers using digital audio workstations’ and was […]

Busy September submitting theses!!

Congratulations to Chris Ellis (2013 cohort)  Title of Thesis: An Explration into the Application of Human n the Loop Technologies for Personalised Music Recommendation and Md Shadab (2014 cohort)  Title […]