Celebrating our 60th graduate milestone

The Horizon CDT has reached its 60th graduate with Andrew Moffat (2015 cohort) successfully passing his viva subject to minor corrections on 24th January! Supervised by Svenja Adolphs and Alex […]

Second viva for 2020!

Congratulations to Qing Li (2015 cohort) who passed his viva on 13th January! Qing was supervised by Prof Jon Garibaldi and Prof Guopping Qiu. His thesis is entitled An investigation […]

The first successful viva of 2020!

The Horizon CDT¬† has started the year off with the good news that Shadab Mashuk (2014 cohort) has passed his viva with minor corrections!   Supervised by Terry Moore, Peer […]

Congratulations Dr Shalak Kurup!

The Horizon CDT was delighted to close 2019 with the news that Shalaka Kurup (2015 cohort) passed her viva subject to minor corrections. Shalaka is the second student from the […]

Telling Tales of Engagement: Raising Awareness of Human Rights Issues

What impact do short videos about human rights have on the awareness and engagement with with Human Rights by University students? This is the question we sought to address in […]