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Rebooting The Expert, Routes to Policy Impact

Having previously been postponed due to Pre-election period Prudah restriction, the “Rebooting the Expert”  a.k.a. “Routes to Policy Impact” event finally took place on July 6th 2017. This University of […]

A call for use case examples

As part of our work to contribute to the development of the IEEE P7003 Standard for Algorithm Bias Considerations we are reaching out to the community of stakeholders to ask […]

A Month of Conferences and Workshops

June was a month of conferences and workshops for UnBias. The 3rd UnBias project meeting on June 1st, hosted by our Edinburgh partners this time, was quickly followed by the […]

Summing and Averaging the Length of WAV files

I recently collected a corpus of audio recordings from peoples’ homes and wanted to calculate summative statistics for the collected audio. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to […]

Collecting and Sharing Photos and Notes on Android

In 2015 I was fortunate to visit the University of Southern Denmark and undertake an exciting project with Andrés Lucero. We set out to explore something that combined our interests […]