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iOS 11 Smart Invert: Telling Safari not to invert images

Here marks the first foray into non-opninion ‘blogging’ since the relaunch. iOS 11 includes ‘Smart Invert’ that will invert most of the screen across the operating system, but allow images […]

Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age if Big Data

Some of us attended a joint conference of the ECREA (European Communications Research and Education Association) Communication and Media Industries, on the 10th-11th November in Stockholm. About 100 people, mainly […]

The challenge with AI: humans have biases

Recently, another attempt at creating some sort of “generalish AI” that was meant to be able to understand society has ended badly. This time it was Google, who built a tool that […]


HOW DO YOU TAKE CARE ON THE INTERNET? Members of the UnBias team and the Digital Wildfire project from the Universities of Nottingham and Oxford were delighted to participate in […]

When we use our phone in the pub with friends

In 2016, I wrote and presented a paper at the CSCW conference on the use of mobile phones in conversation while in a pub. The paper was the culmination of my first […]