Current Opportunities

Applications for 2018 are now closed


Recruitment process

The latest round of applications closed on 30th April 2018.

After the closing date applications will be reviewed by a shortlisting committee and candidates will be notified by email regarding the outcome of the shortlisting meeting. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an academic interview at the University and if successful their research interests will be matched to the interests of our partners. Candidates who pass the academic interview will also need to pass a partner interview before an offer can be made. The academic interview date is advertised however candidates should be aware partner interviews will be organised following the outcome of the academic interviews therefore the partner interview dates are unknown at this time. Partner interviews are usually carried out via Skype.


Pathways define different routes through the CDT experience and determine how students are funded, supervised and the amount of time that they will spend at Nottingham versus at various external partners. Students will be recruited onto one of three pathways; institutional, international or industry.

Industry pathway – students will be co-sponsored by industry partners, undertake industrially relevant PhDs have an industry supervisor and spend significant time at industry partners. Students may undertake multiple internships at different organisations to broaden experience and foster collaborations, as suggested by our industry partners.

Institutional pathway – students will undertake PhDs that address issues and applications that affect wider ‘civil society’, often in partnership with public sector, third sector or community partners. They will be expected to undertake at least one, and possibly more, internships at these external partners.

International pathway – students will undertake an internationally relevant PhD, address cross-cultural themes, exploring emerging markets for digital identity technologies and be jointly supervised and funded by our international partners. They will spend the first year training at Nottingham and then spend up to half of their research time (18 months) at one or more international partners.

Student experience video

In this short video below, CDT student Pepita Stringer shares her experiences of studying for a transdisciplinary PhD within the Horizon My Life in Data CDT.