Horizon CDT 2024 Retreat

Horizon CDT 2024 Retreat

Gathering of CDT students and Supervisors outdoors

Following the PhD presentations from first year students on Monday 15 April, the Horizon CDT 2024 retreat took place at Eastwood Hall  from 17-18 April 2024 welcoming CDT students, alumni, supervisors and industry partners.

On the first day of the retreat we had the pleasure of welcoming back five CDT alumni to participate in a panel discussion about their PhD journeys and life after completing their PhDs. This was followed by an engaging Q&A session.

After the alumni panel session, alumni were invited to participate in group impact activities which was followed by lunch.

In the afternoon, everyone was invited to participate in the activities organized for the ‘free time’. These activities included a Mindfulness Taster session, Yoga, and competitive CDT games, which concluded with prizes!

On the second day of the retreat, year 2 students from the 2022 cohort organised and hosted the Shaping Our Lives with Technology Conference which was chaired by CDT student Gift Odoh. Keynote speaker Lydia Farina, assistant professor Department of Philosophy at University of Nottingham, kicked off the conference by introducing the theme of Interdisciplinary Research on Responsible AI.

Students from the 2022 cohort then presented their peer-review papers and had the opportunity to receive support and feedback from peers, supervisors and attendees in an immersive environment.

The retreat concluded with an open discussion session led by CDT student Favour Borokini on the topic of Future Challenges for Personal Data and Digital Technologies.

The CDT team thanked all the participants for contributing to another engaging and successful event.

View the Shaping Our Lives with Technology Conference programme