Horizon CDT Summer Graduation 2023

Horizon CDT Summer Graduation 2023

Congratulations to our CDT graduates who received and celebrated their doctoral awards on 21st, 24th and 26th July 2023:

  • Dr Abigail Fowler
  • Dr Feng Zhou
  • Dr Harriet Cameron
  • Dr J. Gustavo Berumen
  • Dr James Burnett
  • Dr Jimiama Mafeni Mase
  • Dr Laurence Cliffe
  • Dr Neeshé Khan
  • Dr Serena Midha
  • Dr Symeon Dionysis 

We are very proud of each graduate, their commitment to their research and their engagement with the Horizon CDT.

We wish every one of our graduates the best in their future careers.


photo gallery from the University of Nottingham Summer 2023 Graduation ceremonies: