CDT Writing Retreat at Breadsall Priory

CDT Writing Retreat at Breadsall Priory

Fourteen CDT students attended the Horizon CDT writing retreat at Breadsall Priory organised by CDT staff members and facilitated by Felicia Black. The retreat provided CDT students with a chance to unwind from the demands of daily life and devote attention to their academic writing.

The retreat began on Wednesday, 1st February with students setting goals. Breadsall Priory provided a setting for reflection and the writing space to make the most of the time available. Students appreciated the supportive atmosphere that encouraged idea-sharing and knowledge exchange. Students also found it very helpful to discuss PhD experiences and difficulties with other CDT students and receive support and guidance in person.

According to CDT students, the retreat helped them focus and allowed them to do more than they would have at home. Having a designated location allowed them to finish research writing and other PhD activities that they had been putting off for some time.

The meals were nourishing and energising while the Priory’s physical surroundings helped people feel at peace and well-adjusted. On Thursday, one group participated in a 3-mile walk around Coxbench in the local area and the majority used the leisure club and spa facilities.

We’re already looking forward to the next writing retreat!