Horizon CDT Summer 2021 Graduates

Horizon CDT Summer 2021 Graduates

Congratulations to the Horizon CDT students who will be receiving their PhD degrees today!

Pepita Barnard from our 6th cohort successfully defended her PhD thesis titled ‘Young Adults’ Considerations for Whole Genome Sequencing’ in January 2021. Pepita is currently a Research Associate at Horizon Digital Economy Research.

Siyang Song from our 8th cohort successfully defended his PhD thesis titled ‘Modelling Person-specific and Multi-scale Facial Dynamics for Automoatic Personality and Depression Analysis’ in May 2021. Siyang has secured a post-doctoral position under Dr Hatice Gunes in the Rainbow Research Group and Affective Intelligence and Robotics Lab at the University of Cambridge.


Great work Dr Pepita Barnard and Dr Siyang Song!!

Best wishes for today and the future!

Enjoy the virtual Nottingham Summer Graduation celebrations.