Self-care Futures – call for participants

Self-care Futures – call for participants

What could the futures of technology for self-care look like?

Current self-care and mental health-related technology are often based on a very medicalised understanding of mental distress that works best in normative, standardised ways that often do not leave space for personal exploration or creative expression.

How could self-care tech look like that encourages human flourishing over “functioning”?

Velvet Spors is a Horizon CDT PhD student at the Mixed Reality Lab, at the University of Nottingham.  Her research involves investigating how self-care technology can intersect with humanistic psychology and if there are mutual opportunities for both fields — outside of a medicalised model and towards more expressive, open, and client-co-created technology for holistic healing.

Velvet is keen to invite people working in/around/with humanistic psychology — both practitioners and students-in-training — to speculate about self-care technologies from a humanistic standpoint and imagine its potential futures.

Quick Overview

What? A series of inclusive workshops organised by a PhD student from the University of Nottingham.

Who? Open to everybody who works with and uses humanistic and person-centred psychology.

Where? Online, in MURAL (collaborative platform to work together).

Why? To collectively explore humanistic self-care technology (and its potential futures!)

When? August 2020 to September 2020.

Commitment? Between 10 minutes and 2 hours – it’s absolutely your choice!

Reimbursement? £20 shopping voucher

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