Well done Roza Vasileva!

Well done Roza Vasileva!

Congratulations to Roza Vasileva (2016 cohort) who came in 4th place in the 3MT® People’s Choice Award 2020  with 343 votes!

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland, Australia. The challenge is for doctoral researchers to explain the complexity and relevance of their research to a non-specialist audience in a concise and engaging way and in only 3 minutes!

Taking part in this competition can help researchers:

  • improve public speaking skills
  • build confidence
  • share your research with a wider audience
  • promote yourself and your research

The competition was quite a challenge this year when it was moved online due to C0VID-19 pandemic. The virtual presentations took place using Microsoft Teams on 17 June 2020 and the People’s Choice voting on 19-26 June 2020.

“I recommend everyone to participate in 3MT Competition in future years. My video was viewed in total over 440 times from almost 40 countries, so it’s a great opportunity to get visibility for research we are doing.” –Roza

Well done, Roza, for your hard work preparing for the competition as well as engaging with networks and getting your research out there!

You can watch Roza’s video here.

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