2 New Journal Papers: Performing the Future & Regulating Human Building Interaction

2 New Journal Papers: Performing the Future & Regulating Human Building Interaction

I’m excited to announce 2 new journal papers that are now fully published and available online.

One is based on the fantastic Performing the Future project led by Nottingham based artist Rachel Jacobs/Active Ingredient that I was involved with. This project explored how “we can envision positive futures in response to the anthropogenic climate and environmental change happening now on planet Earth, caused by humans, our industrialisation and reliance on fossil fuels.” The workshops within this project were some of the most interesting I’ve been to in recent years, including one at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, where we got to hold ice core samples, and discuss narratives around climate data with explorers. Another involved us examining the intersection of mythology, climate data and everyday settings, such as the garden. Linked to this was also When This Tree Blossoms…  and The Future Machine – both worth checking out. This paper documents some of this fascinating work, so have a read:

R Jacobs, F Abott, L Urquhart and D Price (2019) ‘Performing the future: an artist-led project engaging with risk, uncertainty and environmental change’ Journal of Risk Research Available here .

The other is the culmination of some novel research I did with Nils Jäger and Holger Schnädelbach on regulatory dimensions of adaptive architecture. I presented this paper just 2 weeks ago at the Edinburgh Futures Institute, as part of the Controversies in the Data Society Seminar Series. It appears in the conference special of the International Review of Law, Computers and Technology for last year’s BILETA (just in time for the next one in a couple of months in Belfast). We also won the Taylor and Francis prize for this paper, which was a great accolade to have, and it’s brilliant to finally see it in print.

L Urquhart, N Jäger and H Schnädelbach (2019) Adaptive Architecture: Regulating Human Building Interaction, International Review of Law, Computers and Technology Available here .


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