Realising the right to data portability for the domestic Internet of things

Realising the right to data portability for the domestic Internet of things

A quick blog post to say my new journal paper written with Neelima Sailaja and Derek McAuley called “Realising the right to data portability for the domestic Internet of things” is now out (available in Open Access). It is featured in a special edition of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing on Privacy and the Internet of Things. The editorial from Alan Chamberlain, Andy Crabtree, Hamed Haddadi and Richard Mortier gives a useful overview of the edition, featuring the papers:

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  • Peter Tolmie and Andy Crabtree – The Practical Politics of Sharing Personal Data (available here)
  • Thomas Pasquier, Jatinder Singh, Julia Powles, David Eyers, Margo Seltzer and Jean Bacon – Data Provenance to Audit Compliance with Privacy Policy in the Internet of Things. (available here)
  • Ilaria Torree, Odnan Ref Sanchez, Frosina Koceva and Giovanni Adorni’s –Supporting Users to Take Informed Decisions on Privacy Settings of Personal Devices.(available here)
  • Joseph Korpela and Takuya Maekawa’ – Privacy Preserving Recognition of Object-based Activities Using Near-Infrared Reflective Markers (available here)

The introduction to our paper begins… “Bringing the new right to data portability (RTDP) from an abstract legal provision in Article 20 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016 into practice requires a greater role for the IT design community. Simply put, the RTDP seeks to empower users by giving them greater control over their personal data, en- abling them to both acquire their data and then move it around, for example to a different data controller. In this paper, we focus on how IT designers can use Privacy by Design (PbD) approaches to respond to these RTDP obligations. We are particularly interested in how the RTDP plays out for the technological context of the domestic Internet of things (IoT). By examining the legal, commercial and technical landscape around the RTDP, we can begin to unpack the practical roadblocks and opportunities ahead in implementing the right in practice”… to read on and find out more, click here.

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