Horizon CDT students attend DEN Annual Meeting

Horizon CDT students attend DEN Annual Meeting

The fourth Digital Economy Network (DEN) Annual Meeting was held at the Digital Catapult Centre in London on 1 February, with over 65 staff and students from across 10 EPSRC-funded Centres for Doctoral Training attending.  Colleagues from the EPSRC Digital Economy Theme were also present to give a update from the Funding Council and participate in the interactive workshops that were held. Delegates were also joined by the President of the IET, Professor Jeremy Watson and a number of staff from the Digital Catapult.

Group discussion 5

This annual seminar provides an opportunity for staff and students to network, hear about recent DEN activities and to plan for future events that will be of benefit to the DEN community. Seven Horizon CDT students from across various cohorts participated in the day, along with the CDT Director and DEN Director Sarah Sharples, Centre Manager Emma Juggins and CDT Impact Officer and DEN Manager Felicia Black.

Topics for discussion this time included:

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Ideas for the Digital Economy Summer School 2017
  • Suggestions for future DEN events such as a policy lab, film-making workshops, future-scaping activities, a Privacy and Trust seminar and a digital entrepreneurs masterclass.

A CDT Directors Meeting was also held immediately after the event, chaired by John Baird, Digital Economy Theme Lead at the EPSRC.