Royal Holloway: Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things Workshop

Royal Holloway: Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things Workshop

13199078_1112269528824478_1567831891_oRecently I was invited to a Royal Holloway workshop on Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things, both as a speaker and then as a panellist.

13184802_1112269285491169_1448945586_oDespite getting caught up in London train issues (5th May saw huge delays getting anywhere from Waterloo station), I was glad to get there eventually. It was a great line up, not too big, and I met some really nice people.  To top it off, the campus is one of the prettiest I’ve visited in the UK in some time … although saying that, I still feel loyalty to the Scottish Ancients…especially Edinburgh’s Old College😀 .

It was a rather cr13184542_1112269205491177_869072537_ooss-disciplinary affair for me as a law/HCI researcher, with speakers bringing their own perspectives on IoT (detailed below) and a number of attendees being mathematicians and computer scientists working on cybersecurity, crypto research etc (there were some social scientists too). The talks focused on: business insight into the IoT market and design challenges in that space; governance issues around IoT algorithms; mapping, modelling and analysing IoT security threats; IoT infrastructure security; political and social implications of IoT, with particular focus on hack-spaces and autonomous cars. The great speakers included:

  • Alex Deschamps-Sonsino (IoT expert, designer, consultant and entrepreneur – creator of designswarm and Good Night Lamp – – Keynote
  • Dominique Guinard (CTO for EVRYTHNG and author of “Building the Web of Things”) – Keynote
  • Josh Schiffman (HP Labs)
  • Andrea Calderaro (Cardiff University- International Relations Lecturer specialising in Internet Governance, Cyber Security, Digital Rights & Freedoms)
  • Declan McDowell-Naylor (Royal Holloway – Politics and International Relations – PhD student – Politics and Ethics of IoT)
  • Benjamin Aziz –  Senior Lecturer in Computer Security at the School of Computing, University of Portsmouth
  • David McCann (Bristol University – PhD student – IoT Security)

13199045_1112269402157824_480897661_oIn my own talk, I discussed my current research, focusing on mapping the intersection between regulation and HCI, framing it discussion around regulatory  aspects of security/privacy issues in the IoT. The talk was followed with a good amount of questions, and after this, I was  invited to join the panel with Josh Schiffman (HP Labs), David McCann (Bristol) and the chair, Prof Paul Dorey (RHUL/ CSO Confidential). I particularly enjoyed this as it was a nice interactive session with a breadth of questions from across the room on various technical and social aspects of cybersecurity and the IoT.

Overall, it was a very friendly and enjoyable event, with many CDT students from both Royal Holloway and Oxford attending. So many thanks again to Royal Holloway’s Nick Robinson who did a great job of organising the event:)


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