Media and press coverage

The usage of video and online media has been utilised by Horizon CDT students and staff in order to communicate their research to the general public.


Below: Our short video about the EPSRC Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training in My Life in Data and the unique benefits and opportunities this offers for students (produced in June 2016).

Computerphile short films:

Computerphile is a YouTube channel about computers and computer related stuff. The channel has nearly 800,000 subscribers and some of our CDT students have produced short films about their research for this channel.  Please visit our Computerphile videos page to view these.

Other Videos:

Below: Roma Patel (2013 cohort) talks about the City Arts Nottingham Imagine Digital – Arts and Older People project she began working on, as part of her CDT internship in 2015.

Below: Richard Ramchurn (2015 cohort) Link to video feature on #Scanners: A movie that plays with our emotions, which featured online on How Stuff Works in November 2015.

Below: Dr Gilad Rosner, (2009 cohort) appeared on BBC World News on 6 October 2015, as an Advisor to the UK Government to discuss the recent Safe Harbor EU data transfer ruling.

Dr Gilad Rosner on BBC News, 6 October 2015, Source: Gilad Rosner, on Vimeo.

The citizen-science website Planet Four was launched on BBC Stargazing Live in January 2013. The Planet Four project forms the basis of Dr James Sprinks (2011 cohort) PhD research into citizen science platforms.

Dr Gilad Rosner (2009 cohort) was interviewed by Al Jazeera about online identity theft, particularly in relation to a then-recent Twitter hack.

Highlights of press coverage, press releases and blogs:

  • Roma Patel (2013 cohort) The Runaway Hare, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham, January 2017
  • Tatiana Styliari (2014 cohort): Consent Receipts: The future of data sharing?, Digital Catapult blog on her CDT internship project, August 2016.
  • Dr Sarah Martindale (CDT Programme Manager), Georgiana Avram and Annie Quandt (2013 cohort) #techmums in Nottingham, University of Nottingham blog post, October 2016.
  • Dr James Sprinks (2011 cohort) issued a press release on 26 March 2015 ‘Planet Four: Craters’ recruits citizen scientists to help age the surface of Mars and experiment with interface design. This press release announced the collaboration between Alder Planetarium and the University of Nottingham (including Horizon CDT)  on a web-based platform that would aim to engage the public in scientific research through image analysis.
  • Dr John Harvey (2010 cohort) has written for The New Statesman on the Uber dispute.
  • Matthew Terrell (2011 cohort) has had two articles published in trade press outlets 3D Printing Industry and On 3D Printing which publicised his research into the motivations of members of the 3D printing community.
  • Richard Brown (2012 cohort) had his exhibit ‘The Mimetic Starfish’ featured in a number of press outlets including The Nottingham Evening Post and on the University of Nottingham website. The exhibit was part of Nottingham Trent University’s “Since 1843: In the Making” exhibition which took place in January 2014 and included work by some of the biggest names in British art and design.
  • Dr Lachlan Urquhart (2012 cohort) has featured in articles in Wired UK and on the Society for Computers and Law following his recent paper about UK regulation on domestic drones.
  • Dr Mark Iliffe’s (2010 cohort) Taarifa project won the World Bank’s Sanitation Hackathon in 2013 and was covered extensively in the press and on East Midlands Today. Details of Taarifa’s press coverage can be found on the Taarifa website.
  • The Nottingham Post covered the AHRC-funded “Weather Walks” project which Dr Sam Meek (2009 cohort) was involved in. Sam’s work centred around an audio walk which aims to help walkers discover the history and dramatic climate of Great Dun Fell in Cumbria.
  • Dr John Harvey, Tim Pearce and Julian Rosser (2010 cohort) were invited to talk to Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business Innovation & Skills about their company Neehoy as part of a innovation celebration event at the University of Nottingham.
  • Tim Pearce, Dr Julian Rosser and Dr John Harvey (2010 cohort) won the 2012 Digital Economy YES Competition with their app Neehoy, a digital service that encourages collaborative consumption to help people reduce waste and save money by sharing items. As a result the students and their business idea received press coverage in the Nottingham Post, on, on the University of Nottingham website, and on the University’s Sustainable Nottingham blog.
  • Dr Rachel Jacobs (2009 cohort) featured in Wired UK and Left Lion for her project “A Conversation Between Trees”, a touring artwork that connects forests in the UK with the Mata Atlantica forest near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Dr Robert Mitchelmore (2009 cohort), was featured in a University of Nottingham press release and several subsequent trade press articles for his work on Accident Assessor, an app developed with local company InstantVue which won the UK regional prize in the 2011 European Satellite Navigation Competition.
  • Dr Ewa Luger’s (2009 cohort) Literatin tool, was featured in the New Internationalist (online) Google’s T’s & C’s are harder to understand than War and Peace, October 2013.

Featured CDT student and alumni blogs:

Many of our students maintain active research blogs, which can be found on the student pages. Some have also been featured on other blogs, as below.