Horizon CDT 2020 Retreat presentations

The Horizon CDT 2020 Retreat took place on 20-22 April 2020.

Staff and students came together to organise this year’s virtual event where students presented their research projects, received feedback, and shared thoughts and approaches on their PhD journey. 

Below:  PhD research presentations from Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3. Please click on the relevant video to view.

2019 cohort

Ana Rita Pena – Differential Privacy and Fairness in Machine Learning

Angela Thornton – Mind Uploading; the Transformation from Science to Society

Cecily Pepper – Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Looked After Adolescents’ Mental Health

Christine Li – Exploring the potential of personalized VR bodily training systems

Eliot Jones – Data Farming: Facilitating Sustainable Intensification in Agriculture through Digital Innovation

Ephraim Luwemba – Testing for Transparency

Henry Cope – Using Digital Technologies to Improve Muscle Health in Astronauts

Michael Harmson-Silvestri – What are the triggers, behaviours and methodology of adult males with no related offending history who access indecent images of children

Rebecca Gibson – Investigating technologies to evoke nostalgia in chocolate hybrid gifts

Vincent Bryce – Exploring the Business Case for Responsible Research & Innovation


2018 cohort

Harriet Cameron –  Curating the Audience: Enhancing visitor/venue  relationships through ethical personal data donation

Jimiama Mase – Understanding and Classifying Risky Driving Behaviour Using Heterogeneous Data Sources

Mel Wilson – Safeguarding Vulnerable Children Online

Neeshé Khan – A Novel Approach to Cybersecurity: Insider threat to identification, intervention and mitigation

Shazmin Majid – Integrating the use of sensing technology to detect early warning signs of relapse in bipolar disorder 

Stanislaw Piasecki –  Exploring the Use of Smart Devices by Vulnerable People from a Legal Perspective 


2017 cohort

Laurence Cliffe – Audio Augmented Reality

Vanja Ljevar –  Perceptions About Life with Asthma