Dr Jo Cranwell (2009 cohort)

Using smartphone technology for digital innovation in psychological response training


Jo’s PhD research interests were around health behaviour change and digital technology. Her research focused on the use of smartphone technology in the application of response-inhibition training, based on ego-depletion theory.

After completing her PhD, Jo firstly went on to work as a Research Fellow at the UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies (UKCTAS) at the University of Nottingham, and largely focused on the prevalence of alcohol and tobacco content in new media and the effects of adolescent exposure to such content.  Preventing the uptake of smoking and drinking in adolescence and informing alcohol and tobacco control policy in new media was a key part of her work. Jo’s research was overseen by Professor John Britton, a leading expert Academic of epidemiology and respiratory medicine and Director of UKCTAS.

Jo then progressed on to be an Assistant Professor in Public Health, with specific research interests in tobacco and alcohol in the Department for Health at the University of Bath.