Dr Ewa Luger (2009 cohort)

Consent reconfigured: The relationship between Humans and Computers and privacy expectations for systems design


The focus of Ewa’s PhD research was the consideration of how consent might be reconfigured for ubiquitous computing systems. It built upon wider research showing weaknesses inherent in current approaches to securing consent online.  She questioned, therefore, the extent to which such models could be transferred to more pervasive systems.As part of her PhD programme, Ewa took an internship at Horizon Digital Economy Research, working on the Open Data Master classes. These were run nationally in collaboration with the Ordnance Survey. Her particular role was to create a link into the third and public sectors, in order to engage those organisations with the open data master classes.

Immediately after finishing her PhD, Ewa went on to work as a Research Fellow in the Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham on the EPSRC-funded Hub of All Things Project. In September 2014 she then secured a Postdoc Researcher role at the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge, with a concurrent Fellowship at Corpus Christi, University of Cambridge.

In 2014, Ewa collaborated with other leading researchers from Microsoft Research and the University of Nottingham to develop and test a series of data protection ideation cards, with international teams of designers. These cards will now be developed from both the European and US perspective, in collaboration with academic and research teams at New York University. Ewa’s post doctoral success has led her to be awarded a Chancellors Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh in August 2016, where she now leads her own research agenda.