2019 Cohort

Cohort 2019

Cohort 2019 are currently in the writing-up phase of their PhD.

Ana Rita Pena

email Rita

Dr Angela Thornton
Carboncopies Foundation
email Angela

Cecily Pepper
Andrew and Virginia
Rudd Centre for
Adoption Research
and Practice at
Sussex University
email Cecily

Christine (Li) Cain
Robert Clark
email Christine

Edwina Abam
Capital One
email Edwina

Eliot Jones
Future Foods Beacon
email Eliot

Dr Elizabeth Dolan
Avon Longitudinal Studies
of Parents and Children
email Elizabeth

Ephraim Luwemba
email Ephraim

Henry Cope
NASA GeneLab Animal
Analysis Working Group
email Henry

Michael Harmson-Silvestri
East Midlands Special
Operations Unit (EMSOU)
email Michael

Dr Rebecca Gibson
Hybrid Gifting Project
email Rebecca

Dr Vincent Bryce