Past Thesis Titles


The thesis titles from the 37 Horizon CDT students who have successfully passed vivas and/or graduated so far are listed below.

Congratulations to our CDT students on their achievements!

2009 Cohort

  • Dr Ragad Al-lwihan – Investigating Methods of Capturing and Sharing Experience during Field Trip to Support Students Activity
  • Dr Jimmy Chim – An Interpretive Investigation of Trust and Workflow in Advertising
  • Dr Jo Cranwell – Inhibition Training using Smartphone Technology.
  • Dr Mark Dimond – Journey Extraction for Route Prediction
  • Dr Ewa Luger – Consent Reconsidered: Reframing ‘Consent’ for Ubiquitous Computing Systems
  • Robert Mitchelmore – The usefulness of case in building plastic user interfaces
  • Dr Gilad Rosner – Identity Management Policy and unlinkability: A comparative case study of the US and Germany.
  • Dr Mike Golembewski – Modelmaking and Process Activities, Artists Tools and Models of Art
  • Dr Rachel Jacobs – The Artist’s Footprint: Investigating the Distinct Contributions of Artists Engaging the Public with Climate Data.
  • Dr Claudia Krehl – In Search of a Multimodal Mobile Interface that Supports Multitasking on the Move.
  • Dr Sam Meek – Line of Sight Modelling for Query and Annotation of the Remote Landscape.
  • Dr William Preston – Attack Points for Pedestrian Navigation in Augmented Reality.
  • Dr Mark Selby – Experimental Manufacturing: Designing Digitally Augmented Objects to Support Personal Reflection on the Past
  • Dr Emily Webber – Strategy Differences in the use of Mobile Devices for Navigation

2010 Cohort

  • Dr Edward Anstead – Many Screen Viewing: Collaborative consumption of Television Media across Multiple Devices
  • Dr Anthony Brown – Domesticating Home Networks
  • Dr Christopher Carter – Understanding the Professionally Risky Behaviour of Young Adults upon Social Media
  • Dr John Harvey – An Economic Anthropology of Computer-Mediated Non-Monetary Exchange in England
  • Dr Adrian Hazzard – Guidelines for Composing Locative Soundtracks
  • Dr Annika Hupfeld – Designing the Social Life of Books and E-Books
  • Dr Mark Iliffe – The Praxis of Community Mapping in Developing Countries
  • Dr Abdur Rahman – The influence of Social Identity when digitally sharing location
  • Dr Jianhua Shao – Strategic Signals in the App Economy
  • Dr Mercedes Torres – Automatic image annotation applied to habitat classification
  • Dr Min Zhang – An Investigation of Query-by-Drawing Image Search on Mobile Devices

2011 Cohort

  • Dr Paul Brindley – Generating Vague Geographic Information through Data Mining of Passive Web Data
  • Dr Jacob Chapman – Multi-Agent Stochastic Simulation of Occupants in Buildings
  • Dr Lesley Fosh – Designing Personalised Visiting Experiences for Groups in Museums
  • Dr Chrisminder Hare – Designing for Naturalistic Decision-Making
  • Dr Martin Kruusimägi – Designing the user experience of spatiotemporal automated home heating system: A holistic design an implementation process
  • Dr Michaela Murphy (Nee Hoare) – Lost in the Noise: DIY Amateur Musical Practice in a Digital Age
  • Dr Daniel Ratzinger – The impact of University Education upon Digital Start-ups
  • Dr James Sprinks – Designing Task Workflows to ensure the best Scientific Outcomes in Citizen Science

2012 Cohort

  • Dr Sam Howard – Exploring Perception towards Electronic Monitoring Devices for Asthma Management
  • Dr Richard James – Does mobile gambling attract or create problem gamblers?
  • Dr Lachlan Urquhart -Towards User Centric Regulation: Exploring the Interface Between Information Technology Law and Human Computer Interaction

Further titles will be added here as Horizon CDT students successfully pass their PhD vivas.